Our goal is to provide our customers a basis for cost-effective food production that is perfectly customised to suit and improve product processing as well as providing systems that function efficiently whilst improving operating costs.

By completing our product questionnaire, our engineering and product development department test and determine the most suitable equipment design for your product requirements and optimise the integrity of the content.

Improved Shelf Life and Product Appearance
Many retailers won’t admit the level of food waste they have on short shelf life chilled products, despite being signed up to reduction initiatives.

Gentle pasteurisation, without necessarily extra cooking, can simply extend shelf life, without compromising quality to allow an extra 10-15 days of life (example). This means not only is the distribution and sales process optimised but the consumer has more time to eat the product when it gets home.

Inox Cooling Tunnels are designed specifically after careful consideration, analysis. testing and cooling curve calculation to determine the size, speed and thermal loadings required to cool your product.

Inox Cooling Tunnel systems prepare your packaged food products for final packaging and quick delivery to market and increased shelf life.

Tests are undertaken in our R&D Facilities and we carefully design and detail design the equipment in our engineering department which then provides the information to our dedicated stainless steel manufacturing workshop. Truly a ‘one-stop-shop’ facility.

Post cooking, post filling, INOX COOLING TUNNEL SYSTEMS provide further improved shelf life to your products as well as further production efficiencies that result in greater company profitability.