INOX tunnel technology is available in a combination that can provide warming, pasteurising, tempering and cooling within a single unit.
Our tunnel technology features a separate water cycle, thereby providing separate zoning for the various temperature requirements.
Our aim is to provide accurate pasteurisation and quick effective cooling to ensure that product is not under or over pasteurised, and cooled quickly to ensure the effectiveness of the process.
Tunnel Pasteurisation occurs after the filling process into bottles, jars, containers, pouches and almost any type of sanitary container. This method offers the ability to produce at higher output rates.
• Consistent cooling with maximum heat transfer (product pending)
• Controlled product handling/marshalling and minimised product and container damage
• Less water usage
• Easy access to retrieve product and clean in event of stoppage
• Easy monitoring of product during cooling phase without stopping line
• Cooling rate can be controlled more easily due to zones
• Lower wet weight of machinery
• Easier to seal from water leaks as no mechanical seals
• Buoyancy of product is not an issue
• Overall machine flexibility is higher than water bath system as unit can handle different container types, pouch, bags, bottles, tubs etc.
Tuned Spray systems
Our systems have specifically zoned spraying loops giving a counter flow effect that efficiently cools your products during the single pass process.
The spray nozzles are simply mounted to the stainless steel pipework which can be easily accessed through the side water tight manway openings.
All spray nozzles are adjustable for fine tuning of spray and spray direction.
PLC controlled and user friendly HMI interface and diagnostics
Pouched products which can be difficult to handle are deposited with ease with the innovative depositing conveyor system from INOX, ensuring continuous product flow and appropriately indexed product into the tunnel.
Pouch Infeed systems control the product infeed flow with consistent and arranged product spread to ensure effective cooling of all surfaces.
Combination of mechanical and pneumatic driven product marshaling infeed systems.
Reliable pusher system for bottles, jars & cans are mechanically driven ensuring smooth and long reliability as compared to other pneumatic systems available.
Mechanical pusher advantages include the ability to ramp up speed and ramp down speed during each cycle.
Pusher systems from INOX include front and rear capture plate of the bottle row to ensure bottles do not fall.
Reduced Footprint – Two Tier Tunnels
INOX Tunnels are available in special TWO-TIER construction which reduces the overall length by HALF and incorporate additional benefits particularly with pouch products.
Product agitation during transfer from upper tier to lower tier effectively assists with product cooling and gives the ability to spray both sides of the pouch throughout the duration of the residence time within the tunnel.