Our goal is to provide our customers a basis for cost-effective food production that is perfectly customised to suit and improve product processing as well as providing systems that function efficiently whilst improving operating costs. INOX tunnel technology is available in a combination that can provide warming, pasteurising, tempering and cooling within a single unit.

Our tunnel technology features a separate water cycle, thereby providing separate zoning for the various temperature requirements.

Our aim is to provide accurate pasteurisation and quick effective cooling to ensure that product is not under or over pasteurised, and cooled quickly to ensure the effectiveness of the process.

Tunnel Pasteurisation occurs after the filling process into bottles, jars, containers, pouches and almost any type of sanitary container. This method offers the ability to produce at higher output rates. The cooling zone then cools the product to the required temperature inline, continuously through the equipment.

Our product research and specific product testing with your products and plant parameters are where the ability to complete a successful project is achieved.